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This calculator will let you comment and save your calculations
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SFR Calculator is a program that will let you perform many calculations with your computer and save them to view and analyze the figures over and over again. This original calculator is different from other similar applications. With it, you can perform calculations and write down comments as many times as you want so that you remember each item of the operation and every important detail of it.
SFR Calculator lets you save your calculations to review them in the future or to correct them. The good thing about it is that you don't have to start all the calculations over again, since you can change any figure and the result will change too. You can do that to analyze how different factors affect what you are calculating.
The program's graphical interface is pretty similar to all the computer calculators you might know. Its own difference is that it is also similar to a Wordpad or a txt processor, where you can type down whatever you want with the advantage of being able to do calculations.
The program also provides you with the function of using intermediate results to categorize your calculations or to study different components separately.
SFR Calculator only supports two languages: English and German.

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  • It lets you comment and save your calculations
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